Arlington Arts Center

I have a huge interest in the process behind things. I always want to know how an artist got made something, what their story is, when in their personal history did the roads of creativity and life intersect and the art was made. After the show I was thinking mostly about the process. About how the artists came together to collaborate on this project. Seemingly it started simply enough, then wound its way through each artist as the project began to take on new meaning and new life. To me, one of the most interesting parts of their collaboration was the fact that there was a seeming fluidity to their ideas for the project and a great amount of respect for what each artist brought to the table.

In that follow up conversation we also talked about why we censor the media we don't wish to see. Admittedly I do not watch the local news. Every now and again I put on CNN but for the most part, if I am watching the news, it is the BBC news. I found it interesting that the artists were amused by some of the clips they had selected for the piece. For myself, I find a lot of it to be enraging, although throughout the piece I found myself wondering what they had gone on to say after the chosen portion. It strangely drew me in deeper to the piece that I wasn't getting the whole story and may, in fact, tune in this week to more of the daily newscasts.

As a person with a musical background I found the soundtrack to be one of the most appealing and unifying elements of the piece. I certainly hope to be able to view the piece when it is in its final form.

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