Cemeti Art House & Alternate Roots

Ashley Hopkins
Cemeti Art House & Alternate Roots

Cemeti Art House | Traditional Art & Culture Program
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When & Where: Founded in 1988, based in Yogyakarta, 2007-2008 

Who: by artists Mella Jaarsma and Ninditiyo Adipurnomo.

What: Cemeti partnered with 10 NGOs of Yogyakarta after an earthquake in South Asia to build a relief program. Consisted of a series of carnivals, performances and workshops where residents could participate in parades and dances. There were collaborations between local, contemporary, and traditional artists. 

Why: To help revive the community after the earthquake. Artists are taking part in current changes by being active, change can extend past commentary and revolt on social and political circumstances

Alternate Roots | Uprooted: The Katrina Project
Page 105

When & Where: 2006-2008, Atlanta, Georgia.

Who: 10--12 artists of the nonprofit Alternate ROOTS and in collaboration with activist John O’Neal and founder, Jo Carsen.

What: An experimental theater production, written and perfomed by artists from the Gulf coast as a response of what they suffered/witnessed after Hurricane Katrina. The artists connected with the community of New Orleans by collaboration of different art forms like dance and storytelling which expressed what they went through

Why: After a disaster like Katrina, communities are vulnerable and poverty, racism, and government can destruct the dynamic within the community.  Jo and John wanted to achieve social change through the arts and better prepare communities for emotional recovery. 

-Social change through the arts.
-Both colloborations with different artists or artforms.
-Both created to revive communities, or better emotionally prepare them for recovery.

 -Cemeti was driven by the community, Roots was driven by the artists.
-Cemeti celebrated by being active, Roots raised awareness & self reflection.

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