Minimal Factory Vs Kill Your TV

Minimal Factory/($1 Market)/Red Bull Party (with DJ)  Pg 175

Who: Surasi Kusolwong

When: 2002

Where: Factory-like spaces

What: Put primary colored tables in a large dim space
Filled tables with a random assortment of goods from Taiwan
All goods $1
Played loud dance music
 every one Red Bull

Why: To create a hectic confusing atmosphere
           Plays with the concept of economic and cultural value
          Music and drinks were to get people talking and interacting with each other
          Creates dialogue between people, art, and products

Kill Your TV                         Pg 214

Who: The San Francisco Cacophony Society

When: 1994
Where: San Francisco

What: Smashed, burned, and threw TVs of a three story building

Why: For nonsensical nonconformity
            To make a point about the evils of TV

Both are performances
Both were to point out “problems” in society


Minimal Factory involved the public
Kill Your TV is much more aggressive

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