Free Protest Investigation


 To engage the public in an attempt to guage the social impact Protesting has in both positive and negative manners.

Coming together for positive reasons such as giving thanks for an event or circumstance which yielded positive results


Coming together for negative reasons or to attempt to halt or hinder an act or action from taking place 
Allow the participants to protest in a way which questions whether or not protesting yields results by acting the part of the protestor without any particular message being displayed

Blank signs were generated so that there was no one real meaning or cause behind our investigation.

We aimed to look at the broader spectrum of how protests affect society and appear to those individuals or parties who aren't involved

Document peoples reactions to a protest or their reactions to the idea of a protest.  

To bring together a group of strangers who can actively participate in a protest and not necessarily be protesting for the same cause.

By using blank signs there arose an opportunity to have a group of participants actively engaging in a protest together, yet they could be protesting against one another, theoretically, while working together simultaneously.

Question a broader notion of human existence and coexistence

The Site Location was picked due to its daily active protests.  This location became key and the piece itself was specifically formulated to interact with that particular environment

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