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We want to take the visual language we know from the internet and use it to motivate people to not get distant from the real  world. What can be more memorable and meaningful than a hand-written note or a signed photograph? Instead people today leave comments and birthday wishes in the Internet. 
By using the like button, the heart button, and photographs as tangible objects we would like to help people make their words a lot more meaningful.


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Mark Cameron Boyd said...

Well done, Peter & Raz!
As you said in your class presentation, your goal to get people away from their mediated techno-communications & engage with one another face-to-face may have been hi-jacked by the ubiquitous Instagram. But this is a first step. Good graphics & links to Debord helped your project, too.
[I like the tag "society of expectable" - but I'm not sure if it's intentional or just a botch of "Society of (the) Spectacle."]