0 Percent Positive

All Color News was my favorite portion of the article. The most exciting characteristic of Colab is that they function as a structured group that is involved in the community. The examples that they use to comment on social injustices, and social class barriers are poignant. I was really moved by the approach to the people on the subway from different socioeconomic backgrounds. A remote voice peaks through the stillness and attempts to address the non-interactive posture by telling the passengers to speak to one another. I wonder is the distant voice intended to mirror our self-conscious thought. I was recently talking to someone about the social structure of our society. How can people stand within one foot of each other on an elevator and not speak, smile, or deliver a kind gesture like holding the door open so the oncomer can get on safely? The person I was speaking with commented on a similar environment: the Metro. She said she often wondered why two people sitting so close to each other never exchange words. From reading the article, Colab commented on the different social classes of people clustered together like a mob. Probably so close, they can see little details. It sounds a little too close for comfort. With the mp3 player, cell phone, book or "Do not talk to me" blank stare as a shield, there is no need or desire to socialize with people that coexist in the environment.

I also enjoyed the comment about the mainstream news. There is rarely anything positive on the news. A few years ago I would watch the news daily. When school shootings like Columbine occurred I stopped watching the news. I was speaking with a friend about the news very recently. After agreeing that the news can negatively alter our perception of the world around us, we began to share ideas of how the news can become 100 positive. We both believed that the news should be more about uplifting the community. I would like to hear about Johnny making honor roll or Kim winning an essay contest for a scholarship. Or maybe even a 1 or 2% decrease in gun violence. I met a woman, who native language is French. She told me she never watches American news. She has cable and orders the French news. Apparently, the French channel is uninhibited. She told me the channel broadcasts news from other countries and news about America that is not shown in America. I do not speak French, so I can not validate my source just yet. But it is fascinating.

Colab was a sincere collaborative group that embraced people of both gender. The group was structured with a purpose. Colab opposed an hierarchy and welcomed a team-like environment. Each member worked together to ensure that their goals were accomplished and the mission was remembered. Colab impacted the community in a great way. They attempted to educate people about violence through the aggressive nature of the X Magazine and bridge separate communities together.

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