Inherent differences

In core art education class today, Annie made a statement that I found very interesting. She said, "Making art as an individual and making art as part of the collaborative are inherently different" This was a part of a conversation we were having on lesson planning and the enduring understandings our professors wished to impart in their classes. For me this really struck a chord. Is collaborative art truly different than individual art making? For me it most certainly is. Already in this course of study I have considered forms of art that I never would have explored on my own, whether it was because I thought they were uninteresting or that I was not good at them. I now have not only started to collaborate on pieces out of my comfort zone, but have brainstormed and began projects on my own that I would probably have never conceived in my old line of thinking. In other words, the collaboration has changed my view of art and my own personal art making. Who knows if this change will stick, what impact it will have on my most used medium (photography), or how it will effect the work I produce both in the darkroom and out, but it at least has me thinking differently for now.

Working as part of a collaboration has made me feel like my inadequacies are not as significant. Perhaps it's because I feel that among the collaborators at least one of us will have the natural talent or technical skill to pull off what we have envisioned (or at least many minds to think of a way around the obstacles that arise) As we continue through the semester, I am excited to see what we produce, I will be even more curious to see what other pieces my classmates produce this semester as this class weighs in on their psyches.

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