next project

I thought it was interesting on Friday to see how the projects manifested in reality. I thought that Nikki and Briana's projects were helpful from an art educator's standpoint for a number of reasons. First, to see what the differences in attitudes towards collaboration would be in wildly varying age groups. Though both groups of students were made up of kids with varying learning abilities and needs, they seemed to react quite differently. As we discussed in class, I am sure part of this has to do with being a school environment v. a fun Saturday class, age, being graded or not, etc. But I think it would be helpful (and it was for me) to give a great example to future teachers of what can realistically be expected of both age groups in working together, final product, and what can be accomplished in the given time frame. I also thought it was interesting that although the groups worked independently that we both incorporated sound in to the final presentation of the work.

I am really looking forward to working together as a group. We seem to be on a familiar page with each other and I think we will come up with some interesting art work.

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