Class Comments

I definitely feel that I have gained much more than I had anticipated from this class; about art as a whole, definitely about conceptual art and collaborative art, and about my own art and how I can push myself further to create new and more interesting work. I definitely think I had pigeonholed myself into one kind of artist who essentially created "nice" work. Being in this class and working with everyone has taught me that its okay to think outside the box and create something a little crazy, its good to ask for help and opinions, and always always try something new. Before this class, I was really down on conceptual art; i thought it as just kind of weird and like most people I guess just didn't really get it. But now I am beginning to understand that you just truly have to look at something and understand the process a bit more, its not necessarily about the final object. Its more about appreciating not just looking.

I really enjoyed the Friday Gallery talks at the Hirshorn. So many of the pieces there need at least a little background in order to truly understand the concept and I think the Gallery talks are just a really effective way to open up a dialogue. Also, I learned a lot from participating (somewhat) in the Floating Lab Collective work and listening to the talk 3 members gave in class. It opened my eyes to how art can truly make a difference in a community and can open the eyes to bigger issues.

I think if I take the class again, as a studio, I would want to either develop or participate in a few more projects. Perhaps a chance to revamp our original team projects ( I don't know if that would have been feasible or even necessary, but just an idea)?

Thank you everyone! I had a great time getting to know and work with each of you, and hopefully we can collaborate again soon!

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