Collaborative art form

Cooking is a collaborative art form. I watch many cooking shows but did not realize this until I was in the kitchen this Thanksgiving holiday. I believe the Collab Studio class has helped me build a broader but more meaningful definition of collaborative artwork. On many of the cooking shows on the Food Network there is one chef delighted to shower recipes upon us but it takes a whole team of folks to document the show, set the stage, provide a script, assist with costume design, and the wonderful task of tasting the food. In my kitchen at home there is a team of three people. One person usually has a memory bank with a wealth of recipes methodically stored, another person is in charge of monitoring the temperature of food to prevent burning and last but not least a person is usually responsible for the tasting, dishwashing and storing of food. I always choose the latter, I may have to wash dishes but I am rewarded with early samples of scrumptious dishes.  

I initially thought this class would teach me how to create successful collaborative projects for the art classroom but I have learned more about being a team member. I believe this experience and knowledge will be useful when I do teach in a classroom full-time. As a team member and student I am becoming a better educator. I am deeply humbled by my experiences in the collaborative art world and look forward to many more joyous projects. 

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