Floating Lab Collective

This is now the second time I have seen the Floating Lab collective. Each time I see them I am more and more impressed with their ability to work together and speak collectively on projects. As in the class presentation each of them would start talking about a project, then say "oh I wasn't really that involved, why doesn't someone else talk about it?", but the first person had already given in depth background knowledge about the project. Each member of the collective seemed to be very involved, if n ot with each project, with what was going on within the collective. Each person seemed in tune with what the others were thinking and planning and everyone seemed to work fairly well toward a common goal. I was very impressed by the collective nature of the group.

I think my favorite work they did was with the day laborers Dream Houses. I think this project was really creative, exciting, and has the potential to make a huge impact on the community. it speas about the day laborers personally and as a group, showing that each person is human nas hopes and dreams and as a group of people they deserve to have rights to achieve those goals and dreams. ithink the end result could have a huge impact on government and policy. I can jsut imagine all of these dream houses being set up before the mayor of baltimore and it being a trully moving exhibit that has the ability to mak a change. And that is what I like about art and especially collective art such as the projects done by floating lab. Perhaps more so than individual art, it has the ability to become bigger than one person and oneidea and can truly make a difference. Same with the Protestors in Mexico. That project must have been hugely empowering to each individual who participated, but if iwas a government official i would have been concerned to see all of these people looking for an outlet to express their beliefs. I guess that is partially the nature of a protest, but I think that maybe protests are overused, easy to ignore. Just goes to show just how powerful and important art can be.

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