Hi, Can I Ask You a Question?

(I recently had the opportunity to interview nurses and techs at Doctor's Hospital located in Greenbelt, MD. Below details my quest to help my marvelous group members, Mandy and Tina, on our current project.)

I slowly exited Room 308 A with several sheets of bright white copier paper and a blue felt tip marker. I first approached a bright eyed tech sitting at the nurses station. I introduced myself as a graduate student working on a project for class. I asked the tech to write her definition of art on a sheet of paper. After reading her co-worker's definition, she asked to write again. From this encounter, I gained enough courage to ask the nurse on duty. He scheduled an appointment to meet me later on in the evening when he finished his 'rounds.' Some participants wrote twice while others insisted that I write for them. I must say I was too afraid to ask the doctor on duty. She appeared very stern and unfriendly. I noticed the most common term used to describe art was 'expression.'

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