Cross-Cultural Collaborative, Inc.

Art Junction: A Collaborative Art Space for Teachers and Students is a great site! The site offers links to multi-cultural collaborative art groups, successful group projects and much more. Check it out here.

While perusing the site I found a link to Cross-Cultural Collaborative, Inc. (CCC, Inc.) The non-profit educational organization encourages cultural exchange and understanding. The program promotes multigenerational and multicultural collaborations encouraging participants to find value in different forms of creativity. Artists from different cultures are brought together where they can get to know each other through the language of art. The organization believes that interaction between African and non-African artists enriches the creativity of both groups of people. 

The organization invites artists and scholars from all over the world to collaborate with Ghanians on projects ranging from mosaic walls to documentary films. The CCC, Inc. stated, "Most visitors to Ghana have only a superficial connection with the people. We find that by bringing people to live and work at CCC, Inc. we break down stereotypical thinking. Our participants form lasting friendships and come to appreciate not only other cultures, but their own as well." 

Visiting artists and tourists reside in the Aba House. It is a clay house with a thatched roof. The Aba House is considered a cultural center and guest house. There are 8 guest rooms with private baths. On the first floor there are 4 guest rooms, dining room, kitchen, gallery and several open spaces on the first floor. There are 4 guest rooms, the caretakers and directors rooms as well as studio space on the second floor. There is a ceramic studio in the backyard of the Aba House. Visiting artists and tourists are encouraged to live and work with Ghanians for a period of two weeks. The CCC, Inc. noted, "It is not uncommon to see children, adults, both professional and untrained collaborating with contemporary and traditional craftspeople."  

Check out the website for more information

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