Collaborative Discovery... Compliments are Free!

Cameras can be very intimidating. I was concerned about my posture and facial expression the entire time. It was easy to give compliments to people who looked amazing as opposed to a guy dressed in an unflattering tutu. Our day was well-spent and enjoyable. We captured spontaneous occurrences in front of the White House while complimenting random folks. I really enjoyed our conversation with the family from Boston. I sure hope they visited the Natural History Museum while in Washington. Would I change anything about our adventure? NO, because I learned a new definition for the term 'collaboration.' Collaboration: not easy, takes time and patience, worth the while, a learning tool, scary, intimidating, nerve-wrecking, requires structure, time, excellent communication skills, needs facilitator(s), and the eye. Last semester, a collaborative organization visited our class. The name of the group was Floating Lab Collective. Anyway, the group consisted of more than 50 members. Yikes! Can you imagine 50 people working on one project? Our team consisted of 5 very optimistic students. Mark and Nic were the camera crew. Myself, Tina and Sara were the compliment-anchors. While posted near a tree, the compliment-anchors would randomly give compliments to anyone. Well, maybe not. I spoke with Tina while standing on the 'stage' and we both decided that we could not just give people compliments especially if it was not sincere. A few other events lead to an unforgettable collaborative experience such as the rally for social freedom, the group of teens from Pennsylvania, and the large group of military folks dressed in clean white.

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