"Fiesty Women Free At LAST!"

The art in collaboration is the ability to network with others. I have enjoyed working with my group members: Tina and Mandy. Our last adventure was very exciting. We met many fascinating people from jewelry store clerks to art experts. Starting at the jewelry store provided a shelter to make mistakes. Here we learned of a lady who teaches art classes inside of her home. The clerk spoke very highly of her children, one in which took courses at the Corcoran. After speaking with the jewelry store clerk I felt more comfortable with approaching random people outside. Our next stop was the Renwick Gallery. Tina suggested that we approach two ladies peacefully resting on a bench near the steps of the gallery. One lady desired to know about the Frank Gehry project at the Corcoran before participating in our project. She also wanted to know if we were familiar with Dale Chihuly. The other lady was extremely talkative and opinionated. Before we departed she commanded myself, Mandy, and Tina to stand shoulder to shoulder and listen to her Fiesty Woman poem. I recount Tina chanting, "Free at Last! Free at Last!" Last but not least we met a native Washingtonian. He was a very kind gentleman who lost his wallet earlier that day. He did not consider himself an artist but appreciated art work. This man was amazing. He and many others built the Renwick Gallery. These encounters lasted roughly 2o minutes each. Each participant was thrilled to be asked their definition of art. Come to think of it, I wish we were able to document this experience with a video camera.

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