Re: Collaboration in Daily Life

These last two weeks have been more collaborative than usual. Our regular babysitter has been sick and my husband and I have done our best to take turns being our son's caregiver while still working and attending school. It has been a real challenge and pushed me to think about a lot of things differently. One of these is my definition of art. I found myself thinking a lot about the two articles we read-specifically the idea of relational aesthetics. Also, about Tina's presentation and the idea that Rirkrit's preparing and sharing food was an act of art. After these last two weeks, I think, I am more open to considering the idea that sharing yourself and the connections you build between human beings are art. Without being conscious of it, I think my definition of art has expanded. All of this may be self-serving because it is definitely nicer to think that I am creating art instead of just picking goldfish up off the floor. However, I think there is a non-selfish component to it. I guess I just feel more open to saying that art can exist in unconventional places and forms. Children are a humbling experience. I guess my newly earned humility makes me realize that there is room for a more expansive definition of art in my daily life.

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