CityVision Collaborative Work: Fail

Still not much luck getting the students in CityVision to collaborate successfully. I had hoped this week we could get them to bring all of their ideas into one beautiful catalyst, but nope. The volunteer instructors who were working with them found that the conversation was going around in circles. James (an urban planner) had to step in (I was working with two girls on a power point) and just tell the kids how they would place their buildings on the site. He gave them a certain amount of space then allowed them to work individually on a building.

I'm not sure why I have so much difficulty with this group. My students this summer were great. They were always eager to participate, worked very well together (some too well, but you know teenagers...) and LISTENED to instructors. I feel as though this spring group is always interested in putting up a fight against what advice we have for them. This is a challenge for me. I feel as though I need to re-evaluate my classroom management skills. Maybe they aren't as sharp as I thought they were!

My problem is getting them to work as a team. Each student seems to have his or her own agenda. It's rather sad. There are a handful of team players on my group who are eager to work hard and I feel as though something gets taken away from them.

Maybe Farolyn needs to hook me up with classroom management ideas! Sounds like her experience from Laurel working with her large number of students may have given her some good experience.

Cookies tomorrow! weeeeeeee.....

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