Cookies !

I AM SO EXCITED TO MAKE COOKIES THIS WEEK !!!! and justify it by being able to say I am working on my final project !

I make these cookies from scratch every christmas for all my friends. THey taste sooo good but it is a really involved process that I don't think I will have time for this week. 

I will find some other easier to do ones, and easy to decorate ones and we are going to have some cookie fun ! WOO WOO !

Here is a video of a cookie lab for an art foundations course in color. But non art majors take this class and supplies for this class have gotten expensive. THe professor solves this problem with this cookie color activity! THe one girl talking about passion is  crazy, don't mind her. 

Even thought I was not there for last class I am glad to hear that my presentation on Tiravanija and relational aesthetics was an influence on deciding our final class project. I have learned a lot about not only collaborative art, but contemporary art in general through this class that I wasn't exposed to before, it has even influenced my thesis topic that I am proposing. Eager to end the semester with some yummy cookies!

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