Cookie Bust

So yesterday's cookie bust was pretty fun. I enjoyed watching people decorate cookies (those who actually PARTICIPATED). I am not quite sure what I expected to see when people decorated their cookies, but I thought it would be a little more interesting. From what I observed, a lot of people put and even amount of frosting on the cookie, but then didn't get very creative with the decorating of sprinkles, etc. I saw a girl do a spiral on her cookie, or just layer on tons of sprinkles. Which is fine, I'm not quite sure what I expected to see. I thought I would see more artistic expressions on the cookies. Maybe some more imagery...I enjoyed watching Joseph Orzal and his friend (guy #2) decorate their cookies. When guy #2 was covering his cookie with vanilla frosting he said, "hey, this is like gessoing a canvas!" I liked how he connected decorating the cookies with creating art in his studio. Joseph and guy #2 finished decorating their cookies and when Joseph wasn't looking Guy #2 stole Joseph's cookie and made one large cookie sandwich. They each took a bite out of it and it was pretty hilarious. That was the kind of fun I wanted to see yesterday. I'm glad those two enjoyed it.

The cookie bust for myself was a bad idea. I had like three cookies and came to an aburpt sugar crash. I almost fell asleep at the table and had to go walk around. Sigh. To me, bein preggers makes me very sensitive to sugar. So if I have too much I get jittery or have an awful crash. What is this baby doing to me?!? hahaha.

To my surprise when I came back everyone had left the room but Mark and Elana. Mark had waited for me to come back. :) Nice guy!

Anyway, the cookie bust was a success! I enjoyed it and believe they should be mandatory at the end of each semester. In the future, I would recommend making more posters for the event. I made the one for the entrance, but I think having more would have been helpful.

I hope everyone has a great end of the semester! It was wonderful working with everyone and I hope you have a great summer. :)

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