The Collaborative Turn

"Maria Lind characterizes 'collaborative practice' as having the subsets of collaboration, interaction and participation. Collaboration is 'an umbrella term for the diverse working methods that require more than one participant.' Interaction can be many people working together or one individual 'pressing a button.' Participation is 'creation of a context' for participants to 'take part in something that someone else has created.'(1) My goals for Graduate Collaborative Studio come from my vantage point as an artist who makes installations that function as participatory sites for the collaborative art making experience. My text-based installations invite viewers to actively participate by writing directly upon my artworks. In my practice, this collaborative play with text 'stands in for' the experience of art as the viewer’s contribution affects the 'final image' of the work."


1. Quotes from "The Collaborative Turn" by Maria Lind, in Taking the Matter into Common Hands: On Contemporary Art and Collaborative Practices, London, 2007.