Corcoran anonymous Follow-up

This is a followup to our project, Corcoran Anonymous. I've been asking around about participation, and I'm receiving mixed feedback. I 've had many tell me what a good idea it is, and when I press to ask if anyone has sent one or filled one out, some actually say they have. Yet, I've not seen but three. I also noticed that one of the boxes we are using had been cut open and retaped. There was nothing in it, so I don't know if anyone has attempted to drop one off or not. I have also attempted to reach out to Siobahn Riggs at GW about including the GW community. I sent her our statement, a copy of the flyer and asked if she could assist in reccomending where we could place drop off boxes. As of today, I've not received any reply.

I was recently in a late night class where the discussion of students actively displaying art, outside of assignments and projects that are a must, is non-existent. The instructor went on to point out that he'd never been in a place where no one had a voice through their art like he's seen at the Corcoran. The reply from the students in the class was that they have all but been told they have no say so, no voice. In essence, the student body has been scared into speaking out in any way. This is discouraging, because it shouldn't be that we no longer have any means to say what's on our mind. The Corcoran community had been doing that far longer than anyone currently attending a class there. Art is about saying something, in one form or another. Corcoran Anonymous is based on the premise of an outlet for those to voice what they want to voice without fear. Maybe, as it seems now, we don't have a voice, verbally or through our art. If that's the case, then truly, the Corcoran is no more.

The project continues as planned, hopefully we'll hear from a brave few.