Let It Go - Conclusion

People carry ugly words, memories, ideas, thoughts, that they would like to let go of. The process of telling it and sharing can be a cathartic and a healing action with short and long term benefits. As artists practicing in society, with the intent for the good of others, we want to help facilitate and share in that process with the larger community.

In Let It Go, we invited members of the community at large, at various events and locations, to share their painful or ugly words by writing them down on a piece of paper. In exchange they received a reward (a small sticker and a loving smile) for their movement forward toward peace and healing.

We captured some images of some Let It Go participants sharing their thoughts. None of the images here are associated with any of the particular thoughts shared.

In order to protect the privacy of project participants, for this iteration of Let It Go, we will not photograph the handwritten words and at this time will not share the entire list of phrases with anyone outside of the two creators, Brenda Marie Montague and Laure Veissiere, and our professor, Mark Cameron Boyd.

Some of the more generic phrases, that could not be used to identify anyone in particular, and are universal in nature, have been used here and in the presentation and discussion of the project. The entire list may be used for an expansion of the project and other iterations at a later date.

Some of the kinds of common things shared during this iteration were:

He had sex with her.

She unfriended me.

She thought I was stupid.

He fell in love with someone else.

He blocked me on facebook.

She hung up on me and said she never wanted to talk to me again.

I read my mother's diary.

They never clean the kitchen.

He doesn't text me back.

I want to lose weight.

I deleted my ex on facebook.

I betrayed her trust and lied about it.

I painted in a drawing class.

Reactions from participants were:
+ gratitude
+ optimism
+ thoughtfulness
+ release
+ “Oh, I so need this!”
+ “How many can I do?”
+ “Thank you.”
+ Not accepted for Lumeria performance project.

Let It Go experiment.
The intent was to take all of the collected papers and make them into a lovely and beautiful sculptural raised paper painting, that ultimately will go on display for others to see.  

The inaugural project was completed and presented and discussed in Art as Social Practice class at the Corcoran College of Art + Design on 04 December 2013. 
Let It Go final artwork.

The final artwork is sturdy, touchable, and viewers, whether previous participants or new to the image, are not be able to read or make out the intent of the words due to the process used to create the piece. 

The projcet is viewable via social media using hashtags #artassocialpractice #letitgo and will continue on over the years with other events and beautiful positive creations from ugliness.

 For future iterations of Let It Go we will incorporate a few changes:
        + longer lead times
           + stronger social media presence
           + annual project that evolves over time
           + burn the words (ashes in an urn)
           + bury the words (a monument of the loss)
           + dissolve the words (chalk, paint)
           + allow participants to destroy the art (physical catharsis)
           + share the words (common themes lose some power when we realize we share the same hurts)

Use this link below to see the Let It Go photo album on Facebook even if you don't have a Facebook account. Anyone with the link will be able to see the photo album.

We are open to suggestions and interested in future collaboration! Contact us via facebook direct message to start a conversation about Let It Go.

Brenda & Laure