"Art as Social Practice"

"The culmination of this course will be the class project; it will combine the assembled talents of the students’ multiple disciplines to coalesce in a unified whole that expresses intentionality, intelligence and creativity. As art students engaged in the study of various majors, you possess levels of skill and expression in fine arts, graphic design, photography and photojournalism, interior design, museum studies and digital media. Together our combination of intellect and energies will not only create art but also can direct our intention to make a statement, engage a community and enact Social Practice as art."

- - from MCB's course syllabus.

This site is re-launched as a class blog for the "Art as Social Practice" CCAD Spring 2013 course; watch this page for weekly student Presentations on examples of Social Practice art from around the world, and the subsequent discussions that occur. We also welcome public comment and discourse.


IMAGE: Arnstein, Sherry. "Ladder of Participation," Journal of the American Institute of Planners, July 1969.