Let It Go begins!

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People carry ugly words, memories, ideas, thoughts, that they would like to let go of. The process of telling it and sharing can be a cathartic and a healing action with short and long term benefits. As artists practicing in society, with the intent for the good of others, we want to help facilitate and share in that process with the larger community.

In Let It Go, we invite members of the community at large, at various events and locations, to share their painful or ugly words by writing them down on a piece of paper. In exchange they get a reward (a small sticker and a loving smile) for their movement forward toward peace and healing. The collected papers will be made into a lovely and beautiful sculptural raised paper painting, that ultimately will go on display for others to see.

The final artwork will be touchable and viewers, whether previous participants or new to the image, will not be able to read or make out the intent of the words due to the process we will use to create the piece.

The inaugural project will be completed by mid-December 2013, viewable via social media, discussed in Art as Social Practice class at the Corcoran College of Art + Design and will continue on over the years with other events and beautiful positive creations from ugliness.

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