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We want to take the visual language we know from the internet and use it to motivate people to not get distant from the real  world. What can be more memorable and meaningful than a hand-written note or a signed photograph? Instead people today leave comments and birthday wishes in the Internet. 
By using the like button, the heart button, and photographs as tangible objects we would like to help people make their words a lot more meaningful.



Jam Session Instructions

Indigo- Drummer, leads and demonstrates beat to participants.
Taylor- Clapper, leads and demonstrates beat to participants.
Melissa-Vocals, Leads and demonstrates beat to participants. 

what participants will do:
1. select a paper from the bin 
2. Once you read the paper it will either assign you to an instrument (Drummer, clapper, or vocals)
3. Find the facilitator who matches your instrument
4. Activity will be demonstrated by your facilitator, we will teach you what you should do with your assigned instrument. 
5. Practice with your facilitator 
6. after first or second trial we will connect each instrument to the rest of the instrument to create music. 

Jam Session Concept 

¢A social gathering or communal session designed to address and try to improve the lack of student community beyond the Corcoran classroom setting. Students will engage in an instructional based impromptu jam session.

¢The social practice to be performed: Jam Session.

¢promoting our event through social media, and posting flyers around the downtown campus


¢The jam session will be an instructional based project. Each person participating will need to pick from a bin, the bin contains 3 options (Clappers, Drummers, Vocals)
¢The facilitators of the social practice will demonstrate to each participant their role as clappers, drummers, or vocalists. Once demonstration is complete, facilitators will start and participants will follow.
¢ Jam session will run for thirty minutes, first few trials will allow for participants to be acquainted with their roles. Team work will be of importance for the session to run smoothly, however, the  social interaction of students who may not have met one another or interacted prior to activity will  be the primal goal to reach for social practice project’s success. 


¢To create a community based and socially engaged happening involving the Corcoran community with the intention of acquainting students who may not have had the opportunity to interact with one another beyond the a class setting.
¢This activity can be categorized under the social practice of relational art where people come together to participate in a shared activity. The political sphere is the of a happening that forces social interaction amongst students to come together and perform a unified task which hopefully creates an atmosphere of social engagement. 

¢YouTube videos demonstrating musical acts without hand-made instruments, rather using music the body, known as “body percussion performance” and combining the activity with jam session, demonstrated through experiences at drum circles and YouTube covers by creative people coming together to make music with what they have and relying on one another’s instrument to perform a song.
¢Research links: