I got one comment so far to my comment. The person told me I am "barking up the wrong tree", take a look. 


ok so an artist collective is just artists. . . . collecting. whether it be ideas, materials, space, work. but it's not, or I guess rather, doesn't have to be, collaborative art. whereas relational aesthetics is an art where the purpose is to get the viewer, the art piece, and/or the artist(s) to relate to each other and form RELATIONS ! (does that sentence make any sense to anyone other than myself ?). 

let me try this again, relational aesthetics is art where a space or opportunity is created for inter-human relations. 

going back to Sarah's post below, I agree, many things in my life fit the description of relational aesthetics. but I had never knew of the term before this class. I always, to myself, did consider it an art to sit and converse at a table over a meal with someone. However, I thought that was just me and I was crazy so I kept it to myself. 



TheBroth.com is a collaborative approach to digital manipulation and creation software like Paint (on most Microsoft Windows software) and Photoshop. Participants are able to create, collaborate, play, chat, make friends, blog, exhibit, rate, and discuss artworks. Members of the Broth can open up their own collaborative live art room, take snapshots and exhibit them in the public gallery, then rate and discuss other artworks in the gallery. Members can also create a personal profile, manage friends and stats, add avatars, earn awards and write in a blog.

"I love Mosaic so much, but I didn't expect seeing it as an online multiplayer game ! TheBroth.com is a massively multiplayer, live internet application that connects people around the globe beyond language and age boundaries. Participate and influence an unpredictable and ever-changing global playground. From live art to a novel social experiment - TheBroth is what you make it!" (quote from a member of theBroth.com)

"The game is so much fun, after entering the mosaic you can already start moving the tiles with other players online and create original artworks. You can register to take snapshot of the mosaic created, there is already many examples in the gallery. If you liked a design you can also buy it on tshirts from cafepress, and maybe in the future you can buy the mosaic itself as a package to assemble at home." (quote from a member of theBroth.com)

Examples of collaborative artworks are listed below:

*Artwork 31810 (95 players)

Artwork 23440 (9 players)

Artwork 19774 (4 players)

Artwork 7605 (4 players)

Artwork 13979 (4 players)

*Artwork 23660 (3 players)

*Artwork 23183 (3 players)

*Arwork 27370 (3 players)

*Artwork 29844 (3 players)

Artwork 24564 (3 players)

Artwork 20427 (2 players)

*Artwork 20083 (2 players)

Artwork 22422 (2 players)

Examples of 1 player artworks are listed below:

Artwork 20696

Artwork 26424

Artwork 22757

Artwork 20516

Artwork 22314

Artwork 22216

Artwork 23803

*Artwork 27305

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*Artwork 1102

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As I understand it, relational aesthetics seeks to create art that captures or produces relationships between people. Nicolas Bourriaud defines relational aesthetics as "an attempt to create relationships between people over and above institutionalized relational forms." I see this as attempting to break down the traditional roles of artist and viewer. For example in Tina's presentation, it seems clear that Rirkrit needs the viewer to partake of his meal; interacting with him, the food, the environment, etc. to realize the substance and goal of his project. This is where it gets tricky for me. So many things and people in my life fit this description. Are they all artists? If so, what is the implication of that? Is every act of caring and connection to another human a work of art? What are the standards we use to judge inter-human connection and are there critics that can specialize in determining this? If everyone who connects or creates connections is an artist, what implication does this have for the people who define themselves as professional artists?
Artists' collectives, in contrast to relational aesthetics, seem focused on the process. They are basically groups of artists working together to create art. The art that is created does not necessarily have to be collaborative even if the process of its conception is. An artists' collective could work on a painting, sculpture, or some other object-based work. They could also choose to work on something more conceptual and/or collaborative. They could choose to make a piece that is judged a success using relational aesthetics.