The class discussion provided viewpoints and ideas that I had never thought of. The diverse comments provoked my thinking cap to turn on.

I realized that I could not understand the true purpose of collaborative art-making if in fact I did not know the definition of art. I continuously asked myself, ‘What is art?’. I landed upon a simple and commonly used definition: a form of expression. And then I pondered what might two or more people have in common to collaborate. Are two people still collaborating if a conceptual artist sets a dinner table and a photographer documents the work? What is collaborative art-making?
At that point I thought I was back to square one but then I began to think about content explored in previous art history lessons. The strong workers that built the pyramids in Giza collaborated with each other but were they collaborating with the designer as well. The artist Yves made me ponder the idea of collaborative art-making where there is an instructor or leader and willing or unwilling active participants. After I continued to contemplate this topic everything became a blur. I no longer wanted to know what art-making was in a collaborative sense. Maybe it is something you really can’t ponder for too long. I believe that it is the active participation in collaborative art-making that forms a solid, convincing definition. Once I am emerged in the collaborative art-making process I can form a purpose out of my experiences. As far as the definition of art, I believe it is no deeper than a form of expression.

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