We successfully completed our first show. Honestly, it didn't come out anything like I had imagined it would. In my head I think I had pictured something, well- neater? The outcome was surprising, but I liked it. The finished pieces are interesting to look at. I wonder if they are as interesting to look at if you weren't a participant, or if you don't know the premise. Hopefully we can get some feedback from our classmates and teachers who view it over the weekend.
I think one of the most interesting aspects of the piece was getting to watch people interpret the music. We all commented that we perhaps should have videotaped it. The dancing, bopping, quiet contemplation was perhaps the best part of the day. Many people commented that participating was therapeutic- an aspect I hadn't really considered until it was up. I can't help thinking that it helps people regress to childhood- coloring on walls.

Another interesting aspect that came from this piece was that the separate drawings really began to take shape and mimic the music they were set to. They are remarkably different pieces, though they are essentially the same marks and ideas set on paper. It was also interesting to see that the dissonant track seemed to confine people, that they reacted to the boundaries the music was setting.

I'm going to take them down tomorrow night, I wonder if there will be any new additions to them...

Image: Airwaves, interactive-collaborative piece by Elana, Farolyn & Jenna at CCA+D; photograph by MCB.

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