I love how art is changing, and being redefined always, and as a reaction of the times. This past Wednesday, in another class, someone brought it up that "art is the most important thing but also the most invisible thing" in our lives. And I think I agree. 

I've always been a part of the school of thought that you can't really get away from art. It's a part of everything but I'm not sure if that idea occurs to most people. Its in the clothes we wear, the desks we sit in at school, the cars we drive, the streets we walk on, the computer we type on, and the sink we wash our hands in. All of these things, all of everything, someone had to design, put some thought and creativity into it. Whether it is bad of good design is another matter but still it is design, it is a part of art. 

Before this class I had never really thought about collaborative art, was never really exposed to it much and never really was interested enough to learn. I liked my art, I like to create what I wanted to create and I wanted it to be mine and only mine. But my thoughts are changing. And I learn more and more that collaborative art can be very useful in the classroom with kids but also as adults. I think you have some real potential for things you can't usually get alone. It's cool to participate in it and see how things turn out. Collaborative art, to me, seems to be a lot about our reactions to things, playing off each other, whether its a group of artists, an artist and his audience, the artist and the environment or the times. 

Personally I feel as if I am at a bit of disadvantage cause I was never taught much about contemporary art. I only did indepth study up to postmodernism. And I never did much study of collaborative art but I am glad that I am taking this class. It makes me think, it is helping to redefine what I think f as art and be more open to possibilities. 

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Farolyn said...

I agree Tina! Art is everywhere. We are collaborators by nature!