ok so an artist collective is just artists. . . . collecting. whether it be ideas, materials, space, work. but it's not, or I guess rather, doesn't have to be, collaborative art. whereas relational aesthetics is an art where the purpose is to get the viewer, the art piece, and/or the artist(s) to relate to each other and form RELATIONS ! (does that sentence make any sense to anyone other than myself ?). 

let me try this again, relational aesthetics is art where a space or opportunity is created for inter-human relations. 

going back to Sarah's post below, I agree, many things in my life fit the description of relational aesthetics. but I had never knew of the term before this class. I always, to myself, did consider it an art to sit and converse at a table over a meal with someone. However, I thought that was just me and I was crazy so I kept it to myself. 

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