Group Project

So far I have really enjoyed the process of this group project. As you may have read the interviews have been very fun and insightful. I already knew that every person has a different definition of art. However, what I may have known before but didn't expect to find were that people had different comfort levels at answering this question. A handful of people stumbled through their answer often repeating themselves. I noticed that they were very eager for the interview to end. It could have been that they weren't comfortable answering what their definition of art was, because maybe they had never thought of it. Then while that thought occurs to them two or three sets of eager eyes are awaiting their response. That might put some pressure on people.

Right now we have some wonderful hand written responses to, "what is your definition of art," but on friday we will elaborate on that question a little further by asking our classmates and Mark to respond to the question VISUALLY. Bring your creative hats people! Time to express ourselves!

I am very much looking forward to class on Friday. I wonder if I'll see Jesus walking down the street carrying a cross again?

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