Reflection on the Collaborative Project Experience

First off this was a very new experience for me. I have not done much collaborative work in any way. AND I am only child and I am use to getting what I want. This made this experience slightly difficult for me (I stress slightly!). There were times where I just wanted to do what I wanted to do and do it myself. I don't think my group members noticed this or picked up on it. I think I kept it well hidden. Every time this urge or longing came up I nudged it aside and talked through it with my members. With 3 great minds coming together there were times, in the beginning, where we had so many good ideas that we could have gone with that it became a little overwhelming. I almost wish we had more time. I also wonder what would have happened if we had done some of our other ideas instead. 

The process of conducting interviews was different in each place we did it in. Talking to the security guards at the NGA was more difficult than I originally imagined. Some of them didn't really want to talk, some of them at first resisted but then came around and got into it, and then 1 of them would NOT STOP TALKING! I think they all had good things to say,  and brought up good points and prespectives that I had not thought about myself. 

When we took our interviews out onto the street it was really fun. We went up to random people and asked them to participate. I could tell that with each of them they all had an idea or thoughts on the question we presented them. However, like Mandy said in her post, some of them couldn't quite the words out right. That is totally understandable cause they are caught off guard, they got 3 smiling art students staring at them, and probably right at that moment right before we approached they were thinking of something totally different. So yes, they might have had a hard time articulating their thoughts but I don't think they didn't already have somewhat of an idea in their head of their opinion. 

If I had the chance to do it again I would do a couple things different, I would take along a voice recorder or a video camera and I would take pictures. Also I would give myself lots and lots of time so I could talk to many people (cause each one of them was probably almost 20 minutes give or take). 

All in all it was a creative, eye opening experience that stretched me as a person, a student, a future teacher, and as an artist and I value the time spent!

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