Umm. . . .

OK so this whole collaborative thing. . .  umm. . .  well how long is this entry supposed to be? anyways. . . 

well with the exercises we did in class last week, I felt like maybe I had a different idea of what was supposed to happen. I'm not sure if I was misunderstanding what the whole "collaborative art" thing was supposed to be or maybe I was just interpreting it differently than the rest of the people in the class.

for example
with the actual poems that we did, the final products that we seemed to come up with seemed more like stories to me. like narratives, narratives that didn't make sense. and i guess some poetry is just that. but I suppose I was thinking more along of the lines of something like (and forgive me for what lies ahead)

birds chirp outside my window
the wind sings a song
a symphony of nature 

(really really apologize for my poor stab at trying to make "poetry")

but anyways, you know what I am trying to say?

as for the drawings we did, with the exception of the head and the body that we made (where we had an agreed upon idea of what we were supposed to end up with) I think I was thinking differently about those to. I approached it as something like where we are supposed to go to the paper and draw something abstract, not anything recognizable. Like maybe a series of lines, or a dot of color, just forms and shapes that together, made the final piece. as opposed to a recognizable band-aid or hot dog. And I am not saying that was wrong it was just different from my idea of what I thought was the purpose. 

Which then leads to the point that I was having a hard time with the whole thing, because as artist participating in this work I had to give up some control over what I thought it should b, or be like. And I had a hard time doing that ( I don't think I showed  it but the struggle was there internally). Which actually makes me worry about how I am going to do in this class.

I don't know, just throwing it out there!

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