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Since I missed the discussion last week I have to blog my thoughts about it. I find the idea of giving 18 different artists an opportunity to give AnnLee a voice/storyline/life is interesting. To me the intriguing part is what inspired them while designing AnnLee's own unique experience. What made the artist to take the direction they wanted with her, and are they satisfied? To me, AnnLee symbolizes a vessel for creativity and new ideas.

When they had a funeral for her I thought that was a pretty stupid idea. I thought they were just taking the idea of AnnLee too far when they implied that she lived out her life and now needed to rest in peace. I just think it's too extravagant. To me, it seems as though the original artists just do not want to lose control of AnnLee and who uses her image. Huyghe and Parreno, in my humble opinion, wanted to stop other artists from using AnnLee in their artwork who may create spinoffs of their ideas. They wanted to keep AnnLee's image in their own little family of 18-20 artists. To prevent spin off works they chose to have a "funeral" for her that no longer allowed anyone to work with her image. Thats all fine and dandy, but I think they play it off as though they are giving "herself back to herself, " as though they are trying to show compassion and be nobel.

Hah. I sound so cynical, huh?

However, it was interesting to hear Tina's side of the story. She was very touched by the fact that they had a funeral for AnnLee. Tina was now happy that AnnLee could now belong to herself again. She felt as though the artists used and abused AnnLee. She didn't say these sentences word for word but that is the jist of it (I think). Anyway, like I said listening to Tina's reaction did shed some light on the funeral. I could see how it would benefit AnnLee.

I am still sticking to my story that they used the funeral as way to control the use of her image. haha.


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