More "NO GHost Just a Shell" and Tina's weird reaction

I have no idea why I reacted the way I did to Sara's presentation. I wonder what it is about me and what it is about Mandy that made us react so differently. Things that make me go hmm. . . I just read up a little bit more on the whole "No Ghost Just a Shell" thing and I find it really fascinating. Which is interesting cause when I first read about it in the article it didn't really pique my interest. 

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day who said that she can't really get into it when she goes to an art museum. She says she'll read the little card of info next to things that she things are pretty or whatever and will simply pass by the things that she is not attracted to. She says the majority of the museum she will walk through pretty quickly. When I tell her about school and some of the things we talk about in our classes (our 6 hour critiques in Raya's class and our  2 hour conversation about a manga character) she finds it all very weird. 

Like I said when I first read about it, it did not pique my interest but when I listened to Sara's presentation and began to understand what the artists were trying to do with the whole thing it gave me a new appreciation for it and a fascination with it. IT was like I just learned I had a little sister that we lost somehow and she was never given a chance to live a life and now she was dead ! I think I must be crazy reacting this way to a fictional character. 

Anyways now that I have babbled I am excited to see what happens with this first project Farolyn, Mandy and I are doing. I think we have some good first ideas and it is kinda upsetting that we won't have time to try them all. But I think we will take one idea and do a really exciting and informative project. 

I have to say I wasn't sure about taking a class dealing with collaborative art but the more weeks we spend in class, have conversation, and now getting ready for our own projects I am excited and I am actually warming up to this idea of collaboration in the process of art making. 

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