Re: Different Strokes

It was really interesting to hear Mandy and Tina's different reactions to the character of Annlee and I am glad both of you wrote more on your blogs. Thinking about your conversation last Friday, I had one of those "ah, ha" moments. It occurred to me that regardless of what anyone considers the traditional, visual, artistic merit of the piece, for me, there was real art in your discussion of it.
I realize this might sounds a little flaky and the fact that you could both look at the same thing and have different reactions to it isn't that remarkable. However, the way you were able to articulate your thoughts and feelings so that others, who didn't necessarily share them, could understand and empathise is something that seems to me to be a rare, sought-after quality that could be considered art. If I understand correctly, the idea of "relational aesthetics" seems to be about creating relationships. If this piece can evoke feelings, give you fuel for talking about them and ultimately create some kind of understanding  that seems like it should qualify as art. 

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