ohai Rotoball!

So...I was doing my own browsing and found this fun project that is a collaborative piece.

It's called...Rotoball.

You're probably thinking "Roto-what?!?"

First, here is the link to Rotoball's webpage.

Rotoball is a collaborative animation project. The project was originally designed to allow high school students to connect through a series of animations involving an animated ball. Each group of students from the different high schools who participate are required to create a 15 second animation that a black ball (rotoball) enters from the left side of the screen, transforms into a completely different object, and then transforms into the ball again to exit out of the right side of the screen. The students who participate can choose the background and whatever they want the ball to transform into. The deadline for the project is March 20th, 2009 and when all of the animations are sent in they are all compiled into one large animation. The end product is a black ball that travels from scene to scene transforming into a new object in every segment. Pretty cool idea, huh? This projects connects students and schools from many geographic locations from around the world resulting in one large collaborative piece. This year they extended the project to include all grade levels (elementary through college). So browse the webpage and try to watch the 2008 animation of rotoball. It's pretty entertaining and I love seeing what all the high school kids come up with in each new scene.


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